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The University of the Arts

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Posting this for a friend. [Feb. 4th, 2009|10:27 pm]
The University of the Arts

Seeking a female roomate fast move in ASAP.
South Philly, Broad and Oregon.
Great location close to shops, deli's, restaurants all waking distance. Room is a nice size, able to share. Big Kitchen, living room and bathroom. This is a great deal for only $360/month plus 125-150 gas and electric. I am a laid back singer/teacher looking for a roommate/friend someone who is laid back and cleans and picks up after herself .Please no drugs or pets. Serious inquiries only. :)


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I'm sure this has been asked before but... [Jan. 31st, 2009|06:02 pm]
The University of the Arts

Can someone please give me a play by play on how the Acting auditions go for undergraduates? If there is already a topic for this can I get the link? But if not, I just want to know what goes on and how hard is it? Thanks in advance!

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Laptop Program [Jan. 20th, 2009|01:11 am]
The University of the Arts

So, I got one of the lovely laptops that our school started providing last year.... I am graduating this year, I was wondering if anyone knows whats the deal with the laptops when we graduate, I know we keep them but how does the programs package work?
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Come see Will Shakespeare's "What You Will" Live at Club 12th Night [Jan. 19th, 2009|12:33 pm]
The University of the Arts
[Current Location |Bristol, Pa]
[mood |excitedexcited]

Come see What You Will at Bristol Riverside Theatre!

Life is one big soap opera in Illyria - a country where everyone is very much in earnest, but also a little insane.  The social center of Illyria, Club 12th Night, marks the boundary between games and masquerades and the business of the workaday world, a place where pranks and disguises, playful games and folly rule. 

A shipwrecked woman enters the fantastic Club 12th Night, beginning a chain of events that lead to an astonishing conclusion.  Mistaken identities, intrigue, music, a beautiful heiress, merry drunken revelers, and a spiteful servant merge with a hip–hop rhythm in Shakespeare’s enchanting tale of revelry and love. Hopeless romantics will be captivated and pranksters will discover the ultimate joke. 

Directed by BRT's Artistic Director, Keith Baker and Donald Byrd, acclaimed Broadway choreographer (The Color Purple) and Artistic Director of Seattle's Spectrum Dance Theater.  Original hip-hop score by Justin Ellington.  Set and Costumes designed by Hiroshi Iwasaki, Lighting designed by Ryan O'Gara

Visit our Myspace page to find out more about What You Will and the rest of our exciting season!
Visit our Blog for an inside look at the making of What You Will!

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(no subject) [Jan. 8th, 2009|12:01 pm]
The University of the Arts

What ever happened to the "graduate" dorms on Walnut? I remember hearing about them a few years ago, it was basically an apt. building that had rooms reserved for Uarts students, and there weren't really any R.A.'s or "dry" campus rules there.

I can't find any info about it on the Uarts site anymore. Did they get rid of this?

Right now I live off-campus in an overpriced apt. building, and I'm trying to look into other options. Basically, I'd like a place where I can live on my own, not have R.A.'s snooping around, and have the ability to control my own heat in my own unit. It's either -20 or 100+ degrees where I live now. :(
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(no subject) [Jan. 7th, 2009|12:38 pm]
The University of the Arts

I'm a potential transfer student with a AFA but I as hoping that somebody has some insight into UARTS's design/tech program.  Does anybody know about the program. I love Philadelphia and the prospect of going to school there.  Im sorry to bother you all, thanks.
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Anyone looking for an apartment...? [Dec. 16th, 2008|12:41 am]
The University of the Arts

[music |Robyn - WIth Every Heartbeat]

I live in the arts condominiums building, its between broad and 13th right on locust, near everything, feet from the terra building. I'm trying to find someone to move in, its a spacious studio with everything included, heat, water, gas, hell even cable with HBO. You don't pay any utilities except for an internet connection, but you don't even need one because you can pick up the uarts network from the room, also there are 2 computers in the lobby with internet and printers. The building has a full gym and laundry mat, has a 24 hour security guard, and you need a swipe key to enter the building so its ridiculously safe. Rent is $875 a month and my landlord is giving the option of a 6 month lease if you don't want to sign a full year lease. Seriously, if your looking for a new place and you want to be super close to school and everything else in the city then this is where its at. There's also a slew of other UARTs students that live in the building, and the building allows dogs and cats.

If interested let me know and I can get you my contact info and we can set up a time for you to come see the apartment. I need someone asap, so don't wait, this apartment won't last long, I'm just offering it to uarts students first.
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(no subject) [Dec. 13th, 2008|08:53 am]
The University of the Arts

hey all, we are tryin​g to find a new house​mate (or two)​!​!​

there​ are three​ of us livin​g in south​ phill​y (​​south​ west actua​lly,​​ close​ by bike to west phill​y,​​ itali​an marke​t,​​ and cente​r city.​​)​​ . combi​ned we are invol​ved in spira​l q puppe​t theat​re,​​ stude​nts for democ​ratic​ socie​ty,​​ makin​g fun times​ and art happe​nings​,​​ gueri​lla dance​ troop​s,​​ eco desig​n,​​ lovin​g dogs,​​ cooki​ng veget​arian​ dinne​rs,​​ worki​ng with kids,​​ ridin​g bikes​,​​ being​ dorky​ homeb​odies​,​​ zine colle​ctors​,​​ couch​ surfe​r hosts​,​​ trave​lers,​​ spend​ing time outsi​de when its warm,​ apple​ pie, etc etc!​​!​​!​​ i am the only one in school right now, and i'm in the Industrial Design department at uarts.

the room is reall​y cozy and a decen​t size with aweso​me aweso​me sunli​ght.​​ i was able to fit a full bed, dress​er,​ desk,​ and small​ couch​ in the room.​ OH and the best part,​ its at the back of the house​ and if you climb​ out the windo​w you get acces​s to a littl​e roof area above​ the kitch​en,​ great​ space​ for some chair​s and lots of plant​s.​

the house​ itsel​f is prett​y big and were gonna​ try to turn the basem​ent into a print​ studi​o.​​ we like to hold diy event​s here perio​dical​ly,​​ in the past we'​​ve had art shows​ and acous​tic music​ sets and would​ like to maybe​ get into doing​ some more works​hop stuff​.​​ we share​ some groce​ries and keep commo​n areas​ respe​cted!​​ let us know!​​ $300 start​ing jan 1stis​h or soone​r!​​ we are flexi​ble.​ conta​ct us at thepa​rlorc​ollec​tive@​gmail​.​com or myspa​ce us at http:​/​/​www.​ myspa​ce.​ com/theparlorcollective

loren​zo,​​ ian, and joana​!​
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Art Scholarship Opportunity [Dec. 11th, 2008|02:10 am]
The University of the Arts



For undergraduate and graduate art students, www.myartspace.com/scholarships
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SUBMISSIONS OPEN for DC Shorts Film Festival 2009 [Dec. 2nd, 2008|10:30 am]
The University of the Arts

Submissions are now open for the 2009 edition of the famed DC Shorts Film Festival! Visit the updated web site at http://dcshorts.com

DC Shorts turns the spotlight on truly independent short films, created by new and established filmmakers in an era when the art of filmmaking is opening to all. We select films from every genre for our competition screenings — with a special focus on films created by metropolitan Washington, DC-based directors and writers. After each screening, filmmakers have the opportunity to speak to the audience as part of a moderated panel.

In 2008, DC Shorts reviewed more than 750 entries from around the globe. We selected 103 short films for screenings at 8 showcases during the competition weekend of September 11-14, 2008, with each show featuring an average of ten short films. Since a major focus of the event is the inclusion of filmmakers, many of the films were represented by the more than 108 filmmakers in attendance from 8 countries. More than 2,600 people attended the screenings.

DC Shorts gives ALL ENTIRES feedback -- a point which impressed MovieMaker Magazine to name us as "one of 20 festivals worth an entry fee," AND as "one of the leading film festivals" in the country.

THE EARLYBIRD DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 15, 2009.  Submission fees go up after that date -- so enter now and save!

I look forward to seeing your new works!

- Jon Gann
 Festival Director

PS: If you have a film of Asian or European interest, check out the new EuroAsia Shorts Film Festival at http://euroasiashorts.com  Low fees, unique themes, and screenings at embassies and cultural centers throughout Washington DC.
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