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Awesome Apartment for Rent! [May. 28th, 2009|03:00 pm]
The University of the Arts


[Current Location |Center City Philadelphia]

Hey UArts,
Awesome apartment for rent in early July (like July 5th). $1100/month, at around 10th and Pine. Perfect for a single student or a couple.

One block from Whole Foods and Superfresh, Four blocks from Hamilton Hall/Anderson, three blocks from where South St. starts to get interesting, five-ish blocks from Washington Square west, half a block from Seger Dog Run (dog park), half a block from The Foodery.

The apartment has a living room, galley kitchen, bedroom and bath. There's a gated shared courtyard. And a working fireplace...which is awesome.

Two air conditioners installed (one in living room, one in bedroom), water, garbage and cooking heat included in rent. General heating is electric and not included in utilities.

We're making the move to Fishtown, but if you're still a student and want a really nice place that we've treated really well, message me to set up an appointment!